Thought Works Solutions

About Us


Thought Works Solutions offers services that can add value to your business and simply make the whole recruitment process much easier. Our Success is based on our ability and expertise to select the right people for your business. TAT is very important aspect of any business. We make sure by giving quality and concentrated time and service to our client.

We as team with our client make sure, we don't lose the opportunity, and this would be a win - win situation for all the parties involved. Our in depth knowledge and IT expertise provides us with unique insight into the technologies sector and allow us to make long lasting relationship with the most dynamic .

Thought Works Solutions was set up in India in year 2005. We have covered a milestone in past 10 years from a 10seater office to 300-seater office. From past 10 years we have made our places in HR Recruitment (Domestic & International). Our other businesses where we have UK and US process based Contact centers, where we provide telemarketing, financial lead generations and other services.

Construction front we have a small project coming in Malad and Borivali in Mumbai. We have tried and pursuing our hands in Copper recycle / manufacturing plant as well, which is based out of Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Our main expertise is to provide highly tailored recruitment solutions from middle senior level in the field of IT and NON-IT Industry.


We aim to be the best at what we do

People are known by the company they keep, as recruitment partner for our Client; their reputation and status we value the most, so we make sure to provide clear communication and information to the prospective candidate, who would be part of the better future of our clients!

Mission & Vision

Our Mission.

Our Success is based on our belief and Ability to source and select the right set of people. We have been doing it for 10 years. Building careers and Making dreams come true.

Time Management.

We focus on timely results by locating, qualifying & delivering the best solutions for your business needs. We value Time. Time Management is our principle. Hence every moment of our Client's time is considered precious. We believe in quick action (u have to be first or never).

Our Resources Our Assets.

"An individual is known by the company he keeps and a company is known by the people it employs."

Our Search Methodology


-> We try to understand our client's requirements from business, market research, competitors angle.
-> We get in involved in details, such as hierarchy, compensation, Business processes and projects.
- Industry understanding.
   1. IT
   2. BFSI
   3. Telecom
   4. IMS.
- Location preferences.
- Level of Experience.
- Positive interest of candidates.
- Right candidate at the right time for the right   opportunity.

Sourcing .

->  Market research.
->  Skill Evaluation.
->  Experience / KRA's.
->  Social Media sourcing.
->  Mapping Projects.
->  Headhunting.
->  Cold Calling.
->  Personality assessment.
->  Behavioral attitude.
->  Best fit talent.
->  Setting Expectations.
->  Background verification.
->  Reference Check.

Selection .

->  Wide range of Choices for clients.
->  Interview / Filtration.
->  Targeted profiles.
->  Interview coordination's/follow-ups.
->  Heading towards closures.
->  Being in touch with candidate.
->  Taking their Feedbacks.